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Otsuka Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Acerca de Otsuka Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Herencia en el ADN del Grupo Otsuka de prueba a través de la ejecución y la creatividad, trabajamos enfocados en lo que hacemos como quienes somos y lo que podemos lograr solo como Otsuka. A través de sus productos y servicios innovadores y creativos, Otsuka Electronics Co.,Ltd. se esfuerza por contribuir a mejorar la salud y más vidas prósperas para las personas en todas partes.


Multi-Sample Nanoparticle Size Measurement System nanoSAQLA with Auto Sampler AS50

This is a particle size measurement system (particle size 0.6 nm - 10 μm) that uses the `dynamic light scattering method` (DLS method). Various functions are included to further improve quality control. It measures in high speed (approx. 1 minute) and it is also lightweight and compact which is essential for use in laboratories, and this new optical system is able to measure multiple samples at one time with a wide concentration range from dilute to concentrated.


Zeta-potential & Particle size Analyzer ELSZneo

ELSZneo is the high-end model of the ELSZ series. This instrument measures zeta potential and particle size of both diluted and concentrated solutions, and molecular weight of a polymer. As new features, ELSZneo provides a multi-angle measurement to improve the separability of particle size distribution, particle concentration measurement, microrheology measurement, and gel network analysis. The zeta potential flat surface cell adopted a newly developed coating which enables measurement in a high salt concentration such as physiological saline. With the brand-new flat surface cell and ultra-micro volume cell that can measure particle size with a 3 μL of sample, ELSZneo is expanding the potential in the life science field.

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